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The Rebirth

Jolly Squid is a rebirth and world expansion of Shrinkfish Media & Animation, one of Nigeria’s pioneer and female-led animation studios which has produced award-winning animation films, with an array of satisfied international clients.
As the art of storytelling keeps advancing with today’s changing technologies, we are exploring new ways to combine the artistry of 2D animation with new technologies like VR, AR, and many more.

We want to build a global team of creatives for whom the expressions “diversity, tolerance, and inclusion” are no foreign words.
So do check the job openings if you want to journey with us.

Next to telling stories is our passion for fostering & collabs. Therefore, in December 2021, we launched a unique and highly sustainable skills-building initiative called “Motion to the sound”(MTTS) set up to empower black, African and PoC freelance animators towards better networking and positioning in the industry.
“Motion to the sound is about COMMUNITY BUILDING and SHARING. So we prefer many people getting a bite of the same apple no matter how tiny” – Ebele Okoye [CEO, Jolly Squid & Founder “Motion to the sound”]

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Martha and the Vandellas "Dancing in the street" | Commissioned by Universal Music

"A long internal fight" | Commissioned by The German Aids help

"Marcas de amor" | A reflection on Domestic violence

"The legacy of Rubies" | The multi-award-winning 28 minutes short produced under Shrinkfish Animation

A virtual reality [immersive] project done in Oculus Quill using the Oculus Rift s © Ebele Okoye 2019

For an array of original projects involving shorts, a feature and web series, we’re looking for concept artists, storyboarders, animation assistants (tweeners), cleaners / colourists(inkers), social media assistants, for long and short-term hybrid freelance engagements.

Current on-location openings:
* Abuja, Nigeria – New opening – Aug. 2022
* Philadelphia, PA Aug. 2022
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