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Jolly Step Up [Remote]

It is a well-known old tradition that in the African communal system, we look out for each other. At Jolly Squid, we’re passionately dedicated to upholding this tradition and responsibility; doing our part to build talents and foster skills that will enrich the African animation industry. Thus, we offer a lot of paid internships to young people in the industry. 

Then comes the challenge that, some applicants still lack the necessary strength for offering them a paid internship. 

However, as we do not want to turn people away completely, we have a plan B and that is this “JollyStepUp” program

As we do not want to turn people away completely, we give them the chance to get intensive TRAINING (with no financial obligations from both parties) The “JollyStepUp” program prepares young applicants not just for our team but also enriches them with knowledge and insight which would help them jump-start elsewhere, in case they cannot or do not want to be assimilated into our team

This is a three months unpaid evaluation period in which we will assess your strength through several FAST-PACED assignments, working closely with our creative heads.  
At the end of the period, together, we would have figured out where your strength lies. Then we would create a focus on these areas for you either as an intern or if you are a genius, as a direct employee.

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