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smedLAB rebound 2023

In March 2013, under  Shrinkfish, we held Nigeria’s first-ever Animation course the “Shrinkfish Media lab fondly known as “smedLAB”. This was to continue in 2014, but unfortunately, in 2014 the universe gave Nigeria Ebola, thus our plans were crippled. Millions of Naira already invested in the planning, all lost!

Taking that as a sign, we decided to wait! To wait for a certain hunger, saturation, and zeal saturation in the industry. It’s been ten years. The decade has come to round up. Therefore… Now is the time!

Therefore, this year, in addition to our other the initiatives (Motion To the Sound, AniJolly Girls, Jolly StepUp ), we are finally bringing back “smedLAB” stronger and even better… HYBRID!!

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smedLAB Rebound 2023

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