An entire industry is waiting out there
With the right attitude and skills
you can conquer it!
you can conquer it!
you can conquer it!

Ani-Jolly Girls' Special Mentorship

AniJolly Girls' Program Lift -Off Meeting, 08 March 2023

MTTS Meets AniJolly Girls, 07 April 2023 | Words from special guests


Standing on its short and long-term concept, we strongly believe and aim that in the next two years, the Ani-Jolly Girls’ Training will have a visible positive impact on the entrepreneurial and gender distribution quota in the animation and creative industry, not only in Africa but globally.
However, we cannot achieve this alone.
This is why we seek support from you; Individuals, Institutions, to help push this highly sustainable initiative. We still believe that with a collective effort, we will reach the SDG goals for the African Animation industry.
Let’s give marginalized voices visibility