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Paid 2D Intern [Remote]

Yes! we are looking for dedicated young 2D animation talents and enthusiasts for a paid hybrid hands-on internship.


You will be working closely with the producers across several projects which we are working on right now.
This means you can expect to get monitored assignments that can involve
– Production research
– Character design
– Storyboarding
– Concept art
– Key Animation
– Animation assistance
– Clean-up & Coloring
– Lighting and ambiance (2D)

And many more supervised industry assignments tailored to give you a solid knowledge of professional animation production.

At Jolly squid, we love curious minds who are thirsty for knowledge, not just in animation but in general aspects of life.
Also, we do not believe in hierarchy. This means that we treat EVERYBODY with the same level of respect and will interact with you as we do with anybody “high-up” there, and we expect you to do the same.

Our aim is that by the time you finish, you must have mastered our modus operandi and can join our production either as staff on full-time employment or as a freelancer. The choice would be up to you

– In possession of basic knowledge of animation or extreme talent for this
– Understanding of the basic principles of Animation
– A team player who thrives in a collaborative environment
– Can learn and execute against a tight deadline.
– Willingness to grow and learn within a serious productive environment
– Excellent communication skills
– Organizational and self-management skills
– Enthusiasm for new ideas outside of the regional market norm
– Demonstrated ability to respect and NOT ABUSE a non-hierarchical leadership – structure
– Willingness to learn new methods of solving problems
– Ability to self-troubleshoot
– Available for video briefings at all times within the internship hours
– Respectful
– Cheerful
– Trustworthy
– Reliable
– Openminded
– Curious for knowledge of animation life in general
– THREE other forms of awesomeness possess which are not listed above (You tell us in the form you will fill out in a sec)

(In order of importance)
– Toon Boom Harmony
– Adobe Character Animator
– Any Storyboarding App
– Clip Studio Paint
– Procreate
– Krita / Photoshop
– Adobe Premiere

Payment will be discussed with you based on your economic region and the level of your involvement

Just fill out the form below

Fill out the form below to apply for the internship. 
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