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Jolly Squid is a rebirth and world expansion of Shrinkfish Media & Animation, one of Nigeria’s pioneer and female-led animation studios which has produced award winning animation films, with an array of satisfied international clients.
As the art of storytelling keeps advancing with today’s changing technologies, we are exploring new ways to combine the artistry of 2D animation with new technologies like VR, AR and many more.

For an array of original projects involving shorts, a feature and web series, we’re looking for concept artists, storyboarders, animation assistants (tweeners), cleaners / colourists(inkers), social media assistants, for long and short-term hybrid freelance engagements.
Current on-location openings:
* Abuja, Nigeria May 2022
* Philadelphia, PA Aug. 2022
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In our pursuance of mentoring, sharing skills, fostering collabs & continued networking around the world , we have launched a unique and highly sustainable initiative called “Motion to the sound” (MTTS) -Africa.
Check it out and be sure to participate in this very exclusive opportunity to work with us if you are a FREELANCE animator of African origin and residency